Sunday, February 24, 2019

I Need A Good Day!

Karma, Even Steven, Just Rewards ….. whatever you call it paid me a visit last night. I don't know what I did, other than being lazy yesterday to invite the atrocity.

I took the day off. I had wanted to start removing the lower cabinet doors and sanding. But there was one trim piece lacking on the top and I had vowed to complete the top before moving to the bottom. I needed HeWho to cut the trim to size so that I could glue and tack it in place before painting it. 

I could not seem to tackle the man for more than 5 minutes yesterday and after 2:00 I gave up and just succumbed to waiting for another day. I did take care of the laundry and prepared another casserole (or hot dish as they say in MN). I parked myself in my recliner in between tasks. We watched a movie and then ate the casserole ( a delightful Chicken Alfredo with spinach noodles, gooey with cheese, made from scratch, no recipe, just used what I had on hand) and watched the news. Then we watched TV ad nauseum until bedtime. 

This is when HeWho gets a little crazy with stoking a roaring fire he imagines will last until morning. It never does and he usually fills the house with smoke. Last night was no exception. I took my three little guys out, Toni Louise refusing to leave her master's side by the smoke billowing fire. I cleaned 3 pairs of wet paws and settled my babies in bed, then brushed my teeth. I climbed into bed all set to watch Saturday Night Live.

He who stuck his head in the bedroom to tell me that Toni Louise had escaped. When I looked at him, question on my face, he explained that he had opened the back door and the front door to try to get the smoke out of the house and had accidentally left the door between the store and our ajar. One would think that he would be careful knowing that Toni Louise is an escape artist …

She came back on her own, to the front door and I heard her toes tapping the floor as she hurried to the bedroom to be lifted into the bed. I managed to holler that her feet should be cleaned first , adding that I had left a dog towel on the bench at the foot of the bed (I noticed this morning that he had used another dog towel instead of the one I left for that purpose; following directions is an alien concept).

The wind was blowing like a freight train and HeWho came in finally and told me to be careful in the morning when I let the dogs out because the wind had taken a portion of the fence out. This is when the power went out.

Of course, HeWho redressed and headed out to "see what happened". What he thought he was going to do, I have no idea. The power in the back of the park was on, but the main building had none. We have a well, the well has a pump, electricity powers the pump that pumps the water from the well to the holding tanks, then distributes that water throughout the park. 

I have long since stopped taking the store line into my bedroom. HeWho ALWAYS has his cell bedside. The only calls that need to be made after midnight should be emergencies. The only people who would call then have his number. No one wants to wake me. But, in the quiet left without a fan to obscure the noises of the night I heard every text, every dog whimper, every snore, every sound of the night.

None of us slept well, not even the dogs. Like young children dogs like routine. The power was still out this morning. No coffee, no shower. Seems I am also a creature of habit and like routine. HeWho presented me with a cup of McDonald's brew and I sat down to sip it and could not read my e-mail. No internet. Drank my coffee and decided to see what I could do that did not require electricity or water. I straightened up and swept, made the bed and then remembered that I had a big container of rain water under on of my gutters! This would facilitate flushing. I could fill a stock pot and place it on the wood stove to slowly heat up and have a sponge bath by evening.

Phone rang and a recording from the power company relayed that they were aware of all the outages. They went on to explain that high winds had caused over 18,000 customers to be without power and they expected power to be restored sometime Sunday (today). I grabbed my bucket and headed out to collect my water.

I had to break through the ice to get to the water and fill my bucket. I flushed the toilet (in the dark, hoping I wasn't splashing that water everywhere) and prepared to go gather more water for the stock pot and suddenly, we had power! And water! And internet service. I hope this means I will have a spectacular day!!


Joanne Noragon said...

I hope you have a good day, too. HeWho is lucky beyond his comprehension to have YouWho. I really think he would be HeWhoLess in much of America. Sigh.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

No power sucks, we rely on it for so much , life at your place is one adventure after another

RunNRose said...

I hope you had a really dull, boring day today! You deserve one of those ever so often.

Kathy G said...

Getting the power back as quickly as you did was the best thing that could happen!

Val said...

Good day to you! We were in Oklahoma on Saturday when that wind came whipping down the plains. It was hard to stand up going from the car to Steak n Shake! The news there said it was 50-60 mph. I don't know what it was by the time it reached Missouri. One of Hick's storage unit pals said electricity was out this morning at 8:30 around here. We missed it, arriving home at 7:30 p.m. But did have to reset the microwave clock.

So...HeWho's special doggy gets loose, and he comes to tell YOU so you can find her? At least he dried her feet, even though it wasn't with the designated towel.

River said...

Hooray for power!! Internet too of course, but power is more important. I remember having a wood heater long ago, we would keep it going all winter with the kettle at the back of it always ready for hot coffee, on weekends there would be a pot of soup or stew there all day, cooking slowly until dinnertime. You don't live in Australia so you won't know what I mean when I talk about Mallee Roots, they are the stumpy odd shaped root sections of the Mallee Shrub, dense as iron and slow to burn. We'd put a big one into the heater at bedtime and it would burn all night so we got up to a warm living room and a hot kettle.

Linda O'Connell said...

If I ever complain about summer, remind me of this winter! You have certainly had your share of issues out your way.