Saturday, December 26, 2015

Binge Watching TV

I may have mentioned before that one of my dogs loves to watch TV. Toni Louise is a mixed breed we rescued from the pound. She was presented as a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix. I doubt either breed is in her. She looks more like a Shepherd mix on a miniature level. She has a beautiful coat, very similar to my Collie; but it is mostly black, with shades of brown. She has light gray around her eyes, like reverse eyeliner. She is partial to He Who loves her most, but still is very affectionate with me.

Most of her TV viewing is done in our bed. She is a big fan of late night talk shows and she misses Jon Stewart almost as much as I do. But, her most favorite shows are vet shows. She likes Dr. Chris, Pet Vet and Lucky Dog. Today I discovered a new one for her! Dr. Dee, the Alaskan Vet. This just might be my new favorite, too. We have been binge watching all day.

We now know how to obtain a sperm specimen from a bull, how to remove antler warts from reindeer and watched an eye removal from a dog. TL was not a fan of that segment. She kept looking over to Oscar with his cloudy cataract eyes. I am sure she was worried that he may be next.

Or .... maybe she is just looking ahead to a future where she is the alpha dog here. Oscar still reigns as the dominant, but Toni Louise is eager to take over. Wall-E shows no signs of leadership. He is the peace maker in the pack. He just wants every body to be happy. He becomes quite distressed at any change in routine. He can sense melancholy and will sit quietly next to the sad person in a show of support. He is just not a leader.

While my Cujo has come a long way, he is still dependent on me for his self esteem. He might have some leadership skills, But Toni Louise is still more aggressive.

I have been laying low here, not doing much. Still not feeling too well, but I have clean hair and my own bathroom. And my dogs to keep me company. Life is good.


luksky said...

Oddly enough, what you just described sounds like heaven to me! I do hope you get to feeling better soon though.

Linda O'Connell said...

Our cat is a TV viewer, too. Isn't it cute? Glad you can wash your hair now. That mess on your head sounded icky. Hope you feel better soon. Binge watched all day today and yesterday. Rain go away!

Val said...

I'm glad you have your fur buddies for company.

Sondra said...

It sounds like your pack has it all figured out...I have 3 rescue dogs 2 are full sisters coming up on 8 yrs old and then I have little Casey I'm sure he is much older but he has been with me only a little over a year after I found him wandering the road, poor little fella. He is a sweet heart he follows my every step. They sure are good friends. Hope you continue to feel better each day.