Sunday, June 1, 2014

Shall I Meditate?

I have been less than pleasant to be around lately. Lack of good sleep has left me irritable. Especially when I can't have my coffee in solitude ......

The week was short. Only 4 days to recover from the holiday weekend. The daily showers we have been having have made it hard to keep up with the mowing and landscaping. The task I set out to complete Thursday evening was impossible to finish due to all the interruptions I was subjected to. I was hoping to make some progress Friday morning. After all, check-in is any time after noon, right?

Got up and had my coffee and was heading out the door when I notice that my first check-in of the day is waiting at my door ........ before 8:30 am. I slapped a silly smile on my face to cover my annoyance and check him in. By the time I have taken care of that and all the people who suddenly appear and notice that I must be open, the sun is beating down and I simply give up.

I wanted to make a toddler slide. I have the plastic slide and wanted a mound of dirt around the slide and under it, with "steps" up the mound to the slide. In his infinite wisdom, He Who loves to move things with a front end loader, decided to put the hulking pile of clay in the playground on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. Not good timing, to say the least, but he had the use of the equipment and wanted to take advantage of it.

This mound of mud has proven to be an issue with the showers. I managed to get the mound into a reasonable shape and one step in place. Still needed to put the mulch on it, though.

So, already annoyed when I woke this morning after another restless night, I set out to do my morning chores ....... bathroom scrub down being the major one. I encountered the usual dirty floors, it rained yesterday and that always makes clean up longer. I sweep and restock them at night, but I scrub sinks and toilets and mop in the morning.

It would seem that some enterprising young boy had enjoyed that mound of clay mud enormously. The shower was backed up. I used the plunger to see if I could remedy the situation before calling He Who plumbs to the rescue. Along with all the standing water, a bar of soap (Ivory, if my nose serves me well) had dissolved in the water. I managed to get all the pea gravel and mud to come up and swept it all out before I mopped.

I was not all that happy when I headed back in to get the store opened. I had 15 minutes of time left and encountered He Who tows coming out as I was heading in (this happens a lot). But as we stood in front of the building talking I noticed the strangest thing. Over by the pond, not on a site was a travel trailer parked, still hooked up to the truck. See it in the picture above?

Here, take a closer look. Note the sign. STOP. DO NOT ENTER. TURN. Kind of makes you think that we may have had some issues with people driving down here. Hence all the signage. See the standing water in the lower left corner. Remember the rains of last week?

He Who was in a better mood hurried down to awaken our after hour visitors before his annoyed wife could do so. Two young men told him they could not figure out how our park was laid out, so they just parked there. I was not buying it. To get there, they had to pass the sign. To get into the park, they had to drive by the main building and the signs telling you to register. There is a map framed on the front of the building. The registration package comes with a map.

Having been "caught", they came up to the office as instructed by He Who was nice. Unfortunately for them they had to deal with me. I asked them if the signs meant anything to them, they told me they didn't see them. I went a little nuts then and started talking to them like they were my own children caught in a lie. It wasn't pretty.

They didn't get stuck in the mud and I will admit that I found it a trifle disappointing that they didn't. I confess that I do sometimes enjoy a good confrontation. They just happened to get caught trying to park free and I unloaded all the frustrations I have for all the ne'er-do-wells that have passed through the past 10 years. Not my proudest moment, but it was cathartic! Better than meditation!


Joanne Noragon said...

That's how I quit smoking. Only one person took it in the head; I was rather proud of myself.

Linda O'Connell said...

Sometimes you have to unload. I am right there with you.

Anonymous said...

You are a better woman than me. I often read your post and wonder, "how does she do it? I would be killing people."

Val said...

Way to assert yourself! Make them pay in more ways than one.