Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Zipper Quilt?

Cold toes plague me. I can only get two pairs of socks on with my fleece lined slippers. It is 80 degrees in our little sitting room with the wood stove and I have on a tank top and pajama pants. But ....... the toes are still cold. The floor is still cement.

I only venture out for firewood and to take the dogs out. I stand inside and watch them through the storm door. I can hear the icy grass crunch as Toni Louise runs round and round in circles. Martha, the fat cat watches from his perch on the wood pile. Wall-E and Oscar get right to business and hurry back to the door.

Oscar is enjoying his new special diet and the status of eating alone. I am making his food. Chicken and rice, with some dry dog food mushed in. Wall-E protested for a whole day and refused to eat the dry food he has always eaten.

I am bored. I started a quilt. I am using old denim jeans. It will be heavy. I am happy to have a use for the jeans. I won't have enough to complete it, but a trip to some thrift stores should take care of that. It is mindless sewing. Straight seams, with the edges exposed. The hardest part is cutting the squares. I am using 8" squares. I will need 13 rows of 15 squares each. I have two rows done. Some of the 8" squares will be composed of four 4" squares, make that 4 1/4" squares, to allow for the 1/2" seams. This allows me to use more of the fabric on each pair of jeans..

I am saving all the zippers. Don't really know why, but you never know ........ I never really knew why I was saving all those jeans.

The most exciting thing that happened today was during  a phone call from my baby girl. She accidentally swallowed her gum, but it came back into her mouth when she burped. I was so proud. A moment every mother dreams of. She is almost 35. My girl. She makes me laugh.


Linda O'Connell said...

She sounds like My girl. ha ha
I cut the back pockets out of jeans and fill them with numers/letters and toss them to students and sing-song, I Have something in my pocket would you like to see? Something in my pocket, for YOU, and it's from me. You'll think of a way to use those zippers.

SkippyMom said...

Cold toesies are yuck, I agree, but I can't sleep with socks on so I wrap my feet up in the quilt, thereby depriving Pooldad of the bottom of the bed's covers. heehee It would be bad, but he sleeps without covers and in sleep shorts, even in the winter. He is warm no matter what. He even falls asleep in the basement which has a cement floor and is as cold as our garage at night. A skill I wouldn't mind having. :) Sure would save on our gas bill.

I am so happy to find that Oscar came out of the sedation fine. I know you were worried, as I would be too, but so glad to have him home. And a special dinner indeed. Silly sometimes the lengths we go to for our pets, but none of us would have it any other way, would we? I know we spoil Spot silly, and as distant as Pooldad TRIES to act around her - after all she isn't really a dog, short legs and stubbornness and all those wonderful Dachshund traits we that grew up with them appreciate it - we catch him all the time playing with her, letting her snuggle up in his chair with him - and the ultimate - he lets her in bed with us. Always a huge no-no, but not for his girl. He is such a big softie. We swear we won't get another dog after she is gone as he will near retirement, but I suspect with the kids grown and him alone he will have to have a little replacement for her. I have no doubt he goes the Dachshie route too. Once they are in your blood - well, I know you understand. heehee

Again, glad your baby is doing well. And the thrift store is an excellent idea to get cheap jeans. I bought a bunch for our quilt by buying the largest size mens [and they get BIG] because they cost the same as the small kids jeans and you get more bang for the buck. Can't wait to see your magic.

Take care and please try to keep those feet warm

Brian Miller said...

ha. so proud....smiles.....i love a good heavy quilt so that sounds amazing to me....

Mamma has spoken said...

You need to visit the sporting goods section of Walmart. They have heated socks, or you could get some of those heat packs that can go inside your slippers. Oh how about using a heating pad as a blanket for your feet?
As you can see, I've had problems in this area too. Hate cold feet....

Joanne Noragon said...

Wonderful. Your girl still has the reflexes of a twelve year old. I'll bet she can still pick up small toys with her toes, too.

I have one more thing to say. Wool socks.

luksky said...

It was so cold here yesterday that I didn't take my coat off inside until I went to bed!

Funny, I just saw a quilt made from old jeans on Pinterest the other day and thought what a good idea it would be!! Post pics when you're done with it!!

Val said...

I am truly impressed by that gum trick. Oh, and your jeans quilt is impressive, too.