Friday, February 24, 2012

Wishing Wells and Sinks

 The bathroom has had more delays ....... so I sew. The little dress above is made from a piece of remnant fabric I bought. I bought it because it was half off. It was one of those stretchy tops with the long skirt. Adult length and yellow. I would never make anything like that for myself. I wore similar dresses during my last pregnancy, but I lived on the beach and I was a lot younger; over 30 years younger. Oh, and yellow is not a color I would wear.

So, why did I but it? Because I knew that one day I would be fondling my fabric and inspiration would hit me. I had this small scrap of the print with kitties. It had this small line of yellow in it and as I looked for something that would enhance the yellow. I pulled all my solids out and dug and looked, but could not find the right shade. Then my eyes landed on that sundress remnant and I had my inspiration. I cut the skirt off and will use it on something else. It is eyelet with a nice sculpted hemline. I added a piece of white trim where the two fabrics meet. It has little crocheted flowers with a rhinestone in the center of each one. A little lace on the hem. It is size 4/5.
 Bugs Bunny playing basketball. Another sale. I was plundering through my good deals while on the phone with my daughter-in-law. I described it to her and commented that it was masculine. She reminded me that girls play basketball, too. I plan to make some shorts for her girls. In the meantime, I had a new pattern I wanted to try out. I liked it. This is a size 4.

 What can I say, but I do love a bargain. I will purchase the entire bolt at times. All of my grands have sported the bug fabric, but some are getting too old to appreciate the cuteness and the fact that Gramma can work with this endlessly since there are so many colors to contrast with. Size 2/3.

 Size 4/5 picking up on the pink, orange and yellow.

 Another 2/3 with green, but the yoke on this one is made from the bottom of a tank top.

 This is the top of that tank top. I made dresses last year with tanks by adding a long waisted shirt. But nothing is cuter than a little girl in rows of ruffles that she can swirl in. Size 4/5.

 Size 6/6X. Easy to pull on over a swimsuit and then swirl around.

Size 7. Just some scraps I had.

When I wasn't sewing yesterday I was outside enjoying the spring like weather. I saw daffodils and tulips peeking up through the soil, along with my ever present day lilies and sedum. The apple trees and peach trees are reaching to the sun as the ends of the limbs are turning that deep color that means they want to bud out.

Last night, as the cold front was heading in, the wind picked up. As I was safe in my sewing lair I could hear it whistle at the window. It sounded mournful, almost like an owl.

This morning it was cold and dreary again. The wind blew my wishing well over! It is still blowing, so until I have time to weight the bottom, it can lay on it's side. I had to venture out to get fire wood.

The bathroom? In defense of he who remodels, he has been working a lot lately. I straighten and clean behind him and paint up to a point ....... and sew. Yesterday he was going to re-stall the old toilet. He took it up again two days before because it was listing to one side. Not as much as the cruise ship that hit the rocks, but it is disconcerting to sit lop-sided in the wee hours of the night and wonder about your equilibrium. I took advantage of the opportunity to paint the wall behind the toilet. You will recall that he violated my sequence of remodeling events and put the toilet in as soon as the bead board was up without alerting me to paint.

So, I painted and we were inconvenienced another night as the paint dried. I pondered ways to eliminate the silt and rust from the tank (we have extremely hard well water). Upon closer inspection of said tank we made a discovery. The tank was cracked. It was barely visible and as we cleaned, we saw it. I have been saying for at least five years that it was leaking slowly. I was told time and again that the tank was sweating and the moisture I kept mopping up was a result of the sweating.

I am happy to report that I got a brand new ADA approved high rise toilet!!!!!!!!! It has been duly christened. It is so shiny and new! And now we know where the leak was coming from. Tonight the sink goes in. Well, maybe. With the wind comes accidents on the road, so it all depends on how tired my guy is when he comes home. I am hopeful.


Mamma has spoken said...

I don't which to be hopeful for: wind that causes wreaks so that hubby can make more money or no wind so hubby can work on the bathroom :o/

Brian Miller said... all your outfits...very cool...progress is progress..congrats on the new toilet...

Teri said...

High rise toilets are the best.

luksky said...

You sew beautifully!. Your little dresses always make me wish I had a little girl to sew for.

Must be windy all over the U.S. The wind just about toted us off today and my son also said it was very windy in lower Alabama today.

Jo-Anne's Rambling said...

Wow love these dresses you are so talented............

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

your granddaughters are so fortunate to have you! i'd love to be able to make stuff like that for my girls. wow! so cute...

congrats on the high-rise. we have one, too. works so much better for ron.

Whitney Lee said...

The dresses are great. I love the tank top and swirly bottom ones! Maybe I should just buy some dresses from you.
How gratifying to be right about the leak! Congrats on the new toilet. I'm sure it doesn't seem like it but the bathroom will be finished eventually. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Linda O'Connell said...

Those little dresses are so cute! Now you've got your throne :)

Sandi McBride said...

What a sewing talent you are! Love them all but you know the kitty prints are our favorite,