Monday, July 11, 2011

Poison Ivy and Eyeballs

Hot, really, really hot and humid here. The heat index was 105 yesterday and supposed to be even hotter today. It is hard to keep up with the mowing and I tend to take care of my back yard after the rest is done. We mow twice a week here. No, are not fanatics, but there is a lot of clover in the open fields and we don't want our campers to get stung by a hungry bee ............. and snakes are easier to see when the grass is clean cut. Okay, maybe I am a little bit of a fanatic, because I like for the grounds to look well cared for. My back yard was neglected last week and it had been 8 days since I cut it. It was getting a little shaggy and I wanted to cut it early this morning before the heat set in with a vengeance.

He who fuels things for his wife was sleeping. Not only was the mower in need of gas, so was the gas can. Getting the mower to the back yard is an adventure. He who sleeps had nailed the gates closed after the wind had flung them open and actually pulled one side off the hinges. This solution has been in place for quite awhile and won't be addressed until the season is ending. In the meantime, the mower has to be dragged (literally) through a storage shed and into the yard. Said storage shed has been cleaned out and organized only twice in 7 years ......... by me, of course. I went in today and created a better path for the mower and busied myself in the vegetable garden until he who finally awoke went on a mission for fuel.

I was up at 7 and ready to attack my chores, but didn't get to mow until 9. The heat is so oppressive that sweat is rolling into my eyes and stinging them, blurring my vision. But after my last encounter with the poison vine I am ever vigilant and noticed that it is growing ON MY FENCE! He who gassed up the mower is now on a mission to purchase concentrated Round Up that will be sprayed without diluting on this vine that dares to encroach upon my space!

While the internet was down for three weeks; three very annoying weeks of talking to one, then another representative before they finally sent a crew to the tower that was struck by lightning and replaced the co-axial cable and then credited our account with a whopping $10 .......... I was unable to download pictures and comment and it was a lengthy task just to respond to e-mail. I am now down to less than 50 unread e-mails! That is in my account, I took care of the business account first. Anyhow ......... he who loves to collect the mail brought to me a mystery envelope during this time. He was curious about the contents and waited while I opened it.

It was addressed to the campground and was from Wonder, Oregon. I mused that I didn't think I knew anyone in Oregon. He who is geographically challenged thought that maybe our son had sent it when he went to Montana. I know, I know, but I love him anyway. We have a daughter who was struck with this same gene and is directionally challenged herself. I looked at him and gently explained that even though both states were far away from where we were, they were still not close to each other .......... and our son had not gone to Montana yet.

I did not ponder long and opened up the package. The smell was enticing ........ a bar of soap!

Oh, not just any soap, but AAH. Relief Poison Oak Soap! From Follower Lu at the Wonder General Store. I feel so special. Smells much better than the laundry soap I have been using and drying my skin out with. I wonder ...... what sort of place is Wonder Oregon? Not to mention the Wonder General Store. If you, too, are wondering go to and take a peek. Thanks, Lu, I feel much better knowing I have the soap for my next fight with the ornery vine!

Eyeballs. Kamper Barb has a business in Troy, Mo. She sells glasses, contacts and repairs glasses. Her shop is Here's 2 Eyes. Like me, Barb sees the world differently. She participates in the Lincoln County Fair parade and wanted to make a definite statement. She asked me if I could make two eyeball costumes using hoola hoops. Of course! I was happy to make them for her and I modeled the costume for a picture to post. She had a couple of suckers to wear these and walk in the parade Sunday. Two medium and on large hoola hoop and a drawstring at the top and bottom and 6 yards of white fabric with a blue iris and black pupil, drawstring is shoelaces and more shoelaces attached to the inside to hold the hoops in place .......... and there you have it ................ here's 2 eyeballs. Traveling through Troy and break your glasses .......... Barb is a genius with frames! Traveling through Kan-Do Kampground and break your glasses on a weekend ........... chances are she can fix them right here! We are a full service kampground, people! Need new glasses? Go to and check it out!

This concludes my advertising for the day. I sold snow cone #200 this weekend!!!


SkippyMom said...

You are amazing and incredibly cute in the costume. WOW! I love it. I bet they were the hit of the parade. :D

Thanks for the heads up on the soap - if I ever suffer through that again I know exactly where I am going.

houndstooth said...

Oh, this heat is miserable! Stay far, far away from that poison ivy vine while it's this hot, please. I hear it's even hotter down there for you than it is here.

How funny! Aren't nice surprises in the mail just the best? :)

Brian Miller said...

wow nice costume...smiles. yeah watch out for that poison oak...but how cool on the soap!

Cathy said...

Hello Kathy
If you want to offload some of that heat - you can send it down this way - it will be received with open arms. It's Winter here and I'm cold.
Love the photo:)
Take care

Pat said...

I love the costume! You are Wonder Woman! You can sew ANYTHING! I am just getting over a case of the "itchies". Started out with poison something-or-other on my leg and then blew up all over my body. I finally went to a dermatologist. He gave me a cortisone shot and put me on prednisone, plus gave me a steroid creme. All have helped me immensely. My itching stopped within 2 days.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

great costume! if i still made soap, i would have sent you some to use. plain, old-fashioned, unscented lye soap. the best stuff in the world for poison ivy.

Jennifer said...

How sweet! I love Wonder.. it's a great little town.

Miss Oregon on days like this when we are having 105 degree weather in SW Missouri...

Kathy G said...

I cut our grass yesterday. Started at 8:40 in the morning, taking a chance on irritating any neighbors that might still be sleeping. It took me 20 minutes to stop sweating when I came inside.

I don't know if I'll ever be in Troy, but if I am I'll look Barb up.

Jerry and Lu Larson said...

I Hope the poison oak soap helps you the next time you are attacked by the nasty stuff. Thanks for the advertizing and have a great summer.
Lu from Wonder.

Anonymous said...

I had poison oak last week and the old pharmacist at CVS recommended Fels Naptha soap then wetting and applying baking soda to the affected area. It cleared it up in two days! I also used CalaGel® to keep it from itching and spreading. It works great and doesn't leave your skin all pink.

MJ in Fremont CA

Jilly said...

Oh Mom. You are the cutest dork ever.