Friday, July 15, 2011

Heading For A Meltdown

Hot weather, lack of sleep, and constant irritation. Today is Friday. Only 9 more hours to go here in the office, then I will excuse myself from the world at large and hide in my humble abode. I am not fit to be around people today. I am not pleasant and not even trying to be. As luck would have it, most of my clientele won't notice.

The fly bait from yesterday continues to attract them to my door, despite the fact that I have doused the area repeatedly with bleach. I resorted to fly tape hanging just inside. Hung it last night, but it caught not a one. That's okay, I am deriving a certain amount of satisfaction with the fly swatter (or in my case today ..... fly smasher ).

I was cleaning the area around the dumpster and sorting out the cans. This is nasty work and it was hot and I was sweaty and irritated. I am no longer amazed at what I might find in the recycle cans, but it doesn't make the task any less disgusting. I was doing this to help out my husband who does so many things for me and other people. I bagged the cans and threw the nasty stuff in the dumpster and cleaned up the area, then started spraying Round-Up on the weeds and grass in that area. This was after I had mowed my lawn and put the soaker hose on in my vegetable garden. It was beginning to get dark .......... here comes Harvey, our helper, with one of the chairs from the pool. These were new last year. My pal, Deb, bought them and gifted them to me. She also wanted to purchase 6 loungers at $100 each and I told her I would not accept them. Yes, I want the area to look appealing and I want my campers to be comfy ........ but I know my clientele ..............

I think I might know how this happened.

And ........ I am pretty sure I know who did it. Through my great powers of deduction, I think it would have to be the slew of children that were here all week. Same thing happened Memorial Day weekend. I was upset, since these chairs were a gift and nearly new. Same group was here then and twice I had to pull chairs out of the pool. I think the children were placing the chair in the water, front side down and using the back as a diving board. From my vantage point, I would be unaware of this when I looked out to check on things. It would just look like they were jumping into the air and playing in the water. The people in question had already left when I discovered the first broken chair, but they were still in their campsite last night when Harvey brought the second broken chair to my attention. I proceeded to have a small fit right there in the parking lot ........... and I am quite certain they heard me.

These would be the same children wandering the park in a pack. It is several families and they are cousins. They overheard one of the adults say my name and now they think they are all on a first name basis with me. These would be the same children who trampled through my flower beds and gathered my blooms, leaving them on the checker table on the front porch of the store for me to find the next morning. These would be the same children who wanted to know if they could help me weed ...... absolutely NOT! These would be the same children, who I suppose may have been bored and played with the four way connection on my hydrant in my yard. My private personal living space, a space I should think I could escape to and call my own. Remember the soaker hose I turned on at 7, when I closed for the evening? I did not remember to turn it off ............. and I did not know that the other hose attached that was in my back yard was turned on. My back yard is flooded now. A soaker hose left on all night wouldn't be such a big deal.

Now, I could be wrong about the identity of the culprits. They did confess to picking my flowers and I asked them not to do that again. He who knows not to bother my garden equipment would not have touched my watering set-up. I have not noticed any other kampers lurking about in my private area (gee, that sounds a little dirty .....).

If your child breaks something, what do you do? You own up and offer to pay for the repairs or a replacement. What happened to taking responsibility for your actions?

It is Friday. In a campground. The busiest day of the week. Now I have 8 more hours left until I can lock the door and hide.


jojo said...

I am amazed and astounded every single time I come here. It is sickening to me to hear how some people act, and then they wonder why the kids are so rude these days. I hope this day ends quickly and quietly for you so you can take a deep breath and put your feet up for awhile. take brave woman you.

Brian Miller said...

ugh on the little vandals...its friday big day for you eh? hope it is a relatively quite weekend of fly smashing...

ellen abbott said...

how's your blood pressure?

Cathy said...

When is the 'Business For Sale' sign going up Kathy?

Lorenza said...

My mom says she would not have your patience!
I hope your day finished without more incidents!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i am always amazed to read the stuff that people do in your campground and personal space. ugh! people just amaze me and then they wonder why their kids are so rude.

labbie1 said...

I slip into your personal space all the time to check the peaches and other assorted goodies you have growing.

I would never check your private area!!!!! LOL

I did NOT change your hose, though.

Nor did my dogs leave presents for you as I am sure you can tell by the bags of doo doo in the trash!!!

Buck up girl!!!! Get some sleep!!!!