Monday, March 1, 2010

Teenage Angst

While I was off duty with watching the three little girls, I went to my daughter's house for dinner and fun with her family. This is my son-in-law sitting in his daughter's lap. He is my favorite son-in-law! Layla is my favorite nine year old granddaughter!
She is sweet and helpful, and an absolute joy to be around. Lovely and creative, like her mom.

I really wanted a family photo, but not everyone would cooperate.

Here is my grand-dog, Georgie. She is 6 months old and already weighs 92 lbs! She has no idea how big she is!

She is very loyal .......... even to my grandson, Gage. Gage is a teenager. He will soon be 15 and his life is full of teenage angst. Remember those years? Every simple thing was complicated and nobody understood you. Well, except for Georgie. He is such a handsome young man when he smiles. I did get some smiles before I left, but didn't have camera in hand.
He doesn't read my blog and I could have put the really funny picture of me and him in here, but I love him and don't want to tempt fate. Teen years don't last forever. Thank goodness!


otin said...

Your daughter looks just like you! It is nice to see all the smiles.

The dog is Huge!!!

Jilly said...

He'll never go on here, you should really post that one!

ellen abbott said...

I remember those years from when I went through them and from when my children went through them. thank goodness they don't really last that long.

jojo said...

you have a beautiful family...Georgie inicluded..;p

luksky said...

Love the family photos...I am a sucker for them. :-)

Whitney Lee said...

This is great. Your daughter really does look like you.

The teen years are supposed to be tough, I think. I know I'm years from dealing with them with my own kids, but I'm treasuring these times anyway because I know they won't like me forever! Maybe the teen period is a way to naturally help us separate from one another so that the break at 18 (or so) is a bit easier to bear.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

You all look alike. Great pictures! Love the dog. I love big dogs but because every dog we've ever had has thought she was MY lap dog, we've gone to a small dog. LOL

Pat said...

I see the family resemblance in both your daughter AND your grand daughter! I remember those teenage years well with my son! One time we drove to the Grand Canyon on a family vacation and he decided that he wanted to "stay in the car." I yelled at him, "Look, we drove ALL THIS WAY to see the Grand Canyon, and you are going to get your little butt OUT OF THIS CAR and SEE IT!" It turned out to be the best thing he had ever seen. Mother DOES know best!

Love that Georgie-girl! What a cutie!