Sunday, January 3, 2021

Last Will And Testament

Feeling almost human again. Good news is that I lost 6 lbs. last week!! Bad news is that I was just dehydrated. I felt like I do after surgery and can't get enough water to drink. Slowly, very slowly I drank water, then gingerale for a couple of days. Then the next day I ate the most delicious salad ever!! It was a salad from Walmart and more than enough for 2 people, but I devoured the entire thing.

I waited awhile to see if that salad would stay where I put it. It did. Still weak and tired, but thank the good Lord I feel better!

Good thing, because, as soon as I was up and eating, HeWho got whatever it was. Of course, he would claim to be sick with whatever ailment befell me, even if that ailment was for ladies only. He really was sick, although not as sick as I was and the duration was shorter. Sick or not, he got no break from Cujo who seems to have developed an intense dislike for him.

Every time HeWho leaves the house or comes into the house, Cujo goes into attack mode. Cujo has never liked men, but most especially a man with a hat. Add a big coat and the dog wants to bite him. Viscous sounding snarls and barks from my little guy triggers barking from the rest of the pack. They have no idea why they are barking other than in support of their brother.

So, while I was sick and up all night at the peak of my ailment, I began to wonder if I should make a will. Forget about any thing of monetary value I might have. The kids can pillage all they want and fight over it if it suits them. No, my last will and testament would be about the welfare of my dogs. Yes, I know I have a cat, too. Martha, the boy cat can fend for himself if the need should arise.

As I was bent double in pain, thinking death would be a relief, I was worried about my dogs. Who would take care of my dogs? Would they be split up and then miss each other so much they would whither and die? Would they be miserable without the attention they have become accustomed to?

Of course they would. Would HeWho remember to feed them and water them and take them out more than once a day? Who knows? Sick as I was, I still had the presence of mind to make sure they were taken care of. I even made sure to count out pills for HeWho can't seem to take care of himself without me. Will I need to put HeWho's care in my will, too?

In the middle of the night I managed to write the instructions for filling his pill takers and tucking it into the bin of prescription bottles. I thought about waking him to have him help me write my will and witness it. 

I decided I would have to split up my dogs. My doxies love each other and would be miserable apart. Eddie is the only one Cujo would miss. But, Cujo doesn't like other people, especially men. Eddie loves everyone and he is easy. Still, it would be a hard sell to either of my daughters. That leaves Toni Louise, a goofy escape artist and Bo, still a puppy and so cute, even if he is demon possessed at times. 

In the end, even though I know that my sweet son would take all my dogs if I asked, I decided that I will have to live on to take care of my canines. Not to mention HeWho. Who would take care of him?



Joanne Noragon said...

My friend Ann and her husband Pat actually account for their dogs in their will. They update it periodically, and I know how expensive that is.

River said...

While it wasn't needed, I'm glad you gave so much thought to what would happen to your dogs. I hope such action isn't needed for many years to come, but at least you have some sort of plan in place. HeWho can't or won't properly care for himself will have to learn to.

Amanda said...

In all very deep seriousness, you and HeWho do need wills, making plain everything goes to each other, and how you want your estate divided among the kids or grandkids, otherwise what your kids will get is hassles and taxes. Seriously. My mother's estate was a very modest home and a tiny bank account, and even with her will it took more than a year to settle, partly because we kids weren't all in the same state Mom lived in. If she'd not had a will, we'd still be having hassles - or have just thrown up our hands and let the state take everything just to get it over with. A few hundred bucks to a lawyer now will save them thousands of dollars of their own money and gallons of tears later.

RunNRose said...

Hi. I am so glad you are feeling better. You have to hang in there for all of your " children"-----the four-legged ones and the two-legged one.
Knowing how careful you are, and how attuned to details, I would be willing to bet that you have had a will for a while. I feel even more sure of this because of the scary health issues both of you have experienced in the not so distant past . Have to say, the title of the post gave me a jolt! I'm glad it worked out by the end of the post.!

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Tim and I have a will but I want to redo mine as so much has changed. although we have notthing and not really important in my opinon.

Val said...

Good to hear that you feel better. I know you want what's best for HeWho and each of your fur family, but maybe Toni Louise should stay with HeWho.

ellen abbott said...

glad to hear you are feeling better and didn't need divvy up the dogs.

Linda O'Connell said...

They will fight over possessions even if their is a will! Do what's right for you guys andyour pups.

Hope you are feeling better.