Friday, June 12, 2020

You Can't Please Them All

HeWho ate the smoke flavored cake. He said that when you got past the after taste of the first bite, it was alright. Keep in mind his blood thinner has changed the taste of most foods for him.

I thought about cleaning the oven today, but it is so hot and it will just catch fire again from the grease that oozed out of the meatloaf. It was a good way to get the grease out, I suppose, but I don't recommend it.

Today is Friday, check-in day for all the weekenders. I would say that this is the worst day of the week, but actually, it is Saturday. At least I stay busy on Friday. Saturday demands that I stay in the store and times drags slowly. I have so many things I would rather do.

Last weekend, at the end of her stay, a camper came in to book this weekend. She requested two particular sites and is having another camper join her. I wrote her in the books for those sites, in pen, not pencil. This is an indication to myself that the site was requested. She arrived shortly after noon and I was still cleaning bathrooms. I stopped and checked her in and went back to my task at hand.

I bet you are thinking I have a really gross bathroom tale today. Sorry to disappoint. We have a group of 5 guys staying here while they lay fiber optic cable for AT&T. They do not speak English, but I am willing to bet they understand it pretty well. They use the showers and they use a lot of paper product. More than is used in a season booked solid! They would appear to have breakfast in the bathroom. I find banana peels and cereal boxes in the trash. Mud boot prints on the floor are easy enough to deal with. At least they don't draw on the walls...

But, I digress. My phone rings just as I get the gloves back on my hands. It is the requested site, asking to move. All the surrounding sites are reserved and I am not willing to make a big effort because she REQUESTED the site. I reminded her that she had requested the site and after her asking for every other site, including the site she had stayed on previously and deemed unsuitable. I gave her one option and it was the only site not reserved. She says never mind, she will stay where she is.

Strike one has occurred. I get back to the job at hand and barely get one sink scrubbed before my phone beckons me again. She has changed her mind again and decides she will take me up on the other site. Okay, whatever. I get back to my scrubbing of sinks and toilets, having already emptied and relined the trash cans. Now I am sweeping the floors …..

That was strike two. The phone, again. I want to scream as I hear her now familiar voice. She had reserved two sites, one in front of the other. She had a friend coming for the other site. Now, she has decided to go back to her originally requested site and wants the site next to her to be the site for the friend. I tell her that will be fine. Then, strike three occurs when she asks me not to rent the sites left empty on the two runs they will occupy. 

I assure her that I will be using the sites if I need them, as that is the way things work. I offer to let her pay for the sites she wants left vacant. She thought I was joking. I wasn't.

Not nearly done here …. her friend came. she calls again to tell me he can't "fit" on the assigned site. At this point I want to run far, far away. It is a small camper and a pop-up camper. The sites are over 50' long each and I fill those sites quite frequently with rigs much larger than these. in the most recent call, I am told that the power went out. I sent HeWho has more patience than I to solve the current dilemma. And, she is out of strikes, anyway.

I say he is patient and he is for the most part. But when pushed, he will just transact a refund and tell the camper to be on their way. You can't please everyone.


Joanne Noragon said...

And did he bid her a fond farewell? So long. Good bye. It's been good to know ya!

Allison said...

Good grief. You really do get some people who maybe should stay home.

Val said...

Just think how many times she might have complained if your pool was open!

River said...

So did he send the camper on her way?
You need to keep a tray or at least a sheet of aluminium foil spread on the bottom of your oven, then any grease or anything else that drips can be easily removed, the oven floor stays clean with no more risk of catching fire. I've done this my whole life, learned it from my mum and my kids do it too.

Jim Davis said...

If someone with a pop-up cannot manage to get it and the tow vehicle into a 50' space perhaps they should find another form of recreation. You are a patient person.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Some people drive a body crazy with frushtration because as you said you can't please everyone

Linda O'Connell said...

You have to treat them as you would a child: you may have either this or that (both are YOUR choices) and be done with them.

I'd have eaten smoke cake. I will eat any cake!