Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Day Three

Water flows through pipes that are working properly. I have been basking in the happiness that comes with the convenience of running water.

In answer to questions I have encountered, I can assure you that pipes are glued routinely, even the threaded ones. The glue is purple and it smells. One of my campers is a plumber and HeWho has fixed enough leaks in the past 15 years to know what to use. We have pretty much replaced everything in those 15 years. I think the problem was more about the pressure of the water in this case.

I have had a slow day, just taking it easy with my canine friends. It snowed a little today, making the outside time brief. They preferred snuggling next to me. Dogs sleep a lot. I suppose they are tired from all the activity of the past couple of days. They have such hard lives, my dogs.

I am refinishing a small table that was in a camper. Three chairs, instead of four. I heard the owner say he was tossing them, so of course, I took them. I should have taken a "before" picture. Hind sight and all that.

The table is all wood and there is a crack on the top. I was able to fix that with a bracket and some screws from my stash of sorted screws and such. I spent the day sanding the old finish off. I was going to paint it, but it turned out so nice that I think I will just poly the top and paint the pedestal white. 

I took the chairs apart and will paint them a nice glossy white and reupholster the seats and backs with black and white pillow ticking. I will be taking "after" pictures. I have the two top drawers of an old dresser against the wall. It will get a new paint job and be topped with a pillow ticking cushion to create a bench seat for one side of the table.

This should keep me busy for the next day or two. Keep your fingers crossed that my life will be calamity free for at least a few days!


River said...

Colour me corrected, pipes can and do get glued. My memories of my dad as a plumber are way out of date for sure, he retired way back in the 80s so wouldn't have kept up with new methods.
I'm glad you have running water again, it's one of those things you don't fully realise the value of until you don't have it.

Val said...

I certainly hope your dogs got their much-needed rest! Looking forward to pictures of your completed table set.

ellen abbott said...

so glad you got the water back on. we're waiting for a drain hose for our washer to come in and we're running out of clean clothes. might have to make a trip to the laundromat. in other news we are in the middle of an unexpected bathroom remodel. what started as a slow flushing toilet and a slow draining tub turned into completely replacing the plumbing under the house and in the walls. well, hell, might as well do the remodel we've been talking about.

Linda O'Connell said...

Your creativity will carry you through. Can't wait to see your recycled work. Glad you can shower and wash your hands again.

Joanne Noragon said...

Sounds like a wonderful renovation. Looking forward to the afters.

dkzody said...

Even when chaos reigns around you, you still get so much accomplished. You are amazing.