Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Still Waiting For My Halloween Costume

Today was a long one. HeWho continues to get stronger, so we left here this morning to sit at the hospital with kamper Cheryl while kamper Craig was in surgery to have the lower lobe of his lung removed.

He was in his room when we left the hospital and doing as expected, considering the procedure. In a lot of pain, that can't be avoided. But we were happy to hear that the cancer did not spread! Can't wait to get him home and healing along with HeWho is complaining that he should be all better by now.

Funny how tiring it is to sit and wait! I managed to spill coffee in my lap. Fortunately, the coffee was not hot and my pants are black. Too much time to sit and think. I have decided to completely redo the office/store. I won't be sharing this plan with HeWho is healing.

I recently bought a small shed from a camper that was leaving. It is small and I wanted it to keep all my gardening stuff in. My very own she shed! I managed to store all the Halloween props and my garden tools and pots in it. It is quite full and I doubt HeWho would be able to stash anything in it.

I painted the front porch rails. They were black. I went through a period of painting all trim black. I am done with my black paint phase. My new happy color is bright white. I painted the porch trim and the door white. Looks so clean and bright. I didn't go nuts, though. I left the windows and the trim around door black. The building is painted gray and will need to have a good coat applied come Spring. Martha, the boy cat, has left his mark on all the cedar posts. He sharpens his claws out there. We will be having a long talk about this bad habit. I will talk and Martha will listen. I don't know just how much good it will do. I know he understands me, but he is a cat and apt to do what he wants anyway.

In the meantime I will be measuring and mentally placing things in the store in a different setting. As it is, I am facing the door and the sun will hit the chrome on a vehicle and bounce the light directly into my eyes, blinding me. I also do not have a good view of the vehicles coming in and out of the park unless I happen to be looking out the window. I want to remedy that. I need to know who is coming in and out. I want to know everything!!

Did I mention that my Halloween costume did not come in before Halloween? Turns out I had no need of it, since I was back and forth to the hospital. But I paid for expedited shipping! It did not come today, either.


River said...

Can you wrap the cedar posts in that rope stuff that is used on cat scratching posts?
HeWho is impatient to be normal again, but it's going to take longer than five minutes or even five days. a severely restricted diet doesn't help anyone be patient either. It's a whole new learning curve. Glad your friend is okay.
Hopefully your Halloween costume arrives in good time for next year's celebration.

Val said...

I am glad to hear that HeWho is feeling well enough to complain! Good news for your friend. At least the pain will eventually go away.

Some of our porch posts are shredded, courtesy of the five cats that are now down to a sole survivor. The wood bees did more damage to one post. I suspect at least half of it is hollow, since Hick waited several years before spraying into their entry/exit hole and then plugging it.

I guess IF you ever get it, you can stash your costume in your new Halloween themed shed. You might decide to acquire more sheds, and start your own Sheddytown, to rival Hick's Shackytown...

Kathy G said...

I hope the paint you used on your bright white door is washable...otherwise it will get dingy from use.

Joanne Noragon said...

You seem to have the current normal sorted. But then, you are a sorted sort of person. I hope the other two, or three, with Martha, come along as well.

RunNRose said...

Good for you and HeWho being there for Cheryl and Craig, I am sure they appreciate your support!
Sounds like a plan to reconfigure the office! That gives you something to focus your attention on, and, I'm sure it will be a relief
to get rid of some of those aggravating things you have been tolerating. And, yes, WHEN the costume arrives, you can rest assured that you won't have to order one for next year. Thanks for your blog! I do enjoy reading about your life.