Monday, June 10, 2019

Spotty Wi-Fi Plagues My Life

Wi-Fi has been spotty for the past week. Don't know why, but I have had complaints and I have complained. I tend to get a bit out of sorts when things do not work the way they should. 

I do know that men have been up that tower all last week, so I blame my troubles  on them! I would confront them, but I don't do ladders, much less towers.

Seems to be working today, so I will keep my fingers crossed. The letter "B" is sticking and most of the keys labels are worn off. I will try to convince HeWho that a new laptop will make a nice gift for my birthday this year. That shouldn't be too hard, since he is always wondering what to give me.

I do know that Father's Day comes before my birthday. I am giving him the gift of solitude. He will have 8 days without my presence. Of course he will have to run the park on his own …. I am going to my granddaughter's graduation party.

We were going to go together, but circumstance change and I am the only one going. Layla will be going off to college in the fall. Ohio State. Her mom will be at loose ends without her youngest child. The empty nest looms large in her future!

Grandson Gavin turned 15 yesterday and got his learner's permit today! He got a car for his birthday. He isn't wasting any time. He can take me where I want to, but I doubt he will want to go where Gramma wants to go. But, he will probably go anywhere that will allow him time behind the wheel. 

Seems like just yesterday he was just a little guy helping me build a garden here. I still call it Gavin's garden. And just the day before that when Layla was here and trying to fly a kite. She never did gets hers in the air and boy, was she mad! Layla seldom fails at anything. I can't wait to hug my grands!

But today, I am baking a cake for HeWho and a good dinner. I used to leave him meals to heat in the microwave. They would still be in the fridge when I got home, so why go to all that trouble? I see a lot of McDonald's and Chinese food in his future. I will load my car tomorrow night and hit the road bright and early on Wednesday. Of course it is supposed to rain …..

The time HeWho spends here without me should supply me with lots of blog fodder, so until I return I will be out of touch. I am hoping to catch up on reading other blogs if I can get Wi-Fi. 


Val said...

Have safe travels, on your trip, AND when riding with Gavin! HeWho should be able to survive on fast food for 8 days. What about your dogs? Keeping HeWho company? You'll miss them as much as they miss you! Probably more, for Toni Louise.

Joanne Noragon said...

You go enjoy the grands and don't think about anything behind you.

River said...

Have a wonderful time :)
Kids here can't get learner's permits until 16.

RunNRose said...

Have a wonderful trip, Kathy. Enjoy the grandkids, AND the relative peace from the hassles of the campground. We look forward to your return.