Friday, October 19, 2018

Scary Is Good

In my last episode I told you about the man who could not back up or win an argument.

He was my very first camper of the day and the day did not improve with time. I checked in another camper. He was to go into site 2. When he reached his site he called to let me know that someone else had taken his site. I did some quick rearranging and got him settled before investigating the problem. Site 4 from the previous evening had taken the wrong site. He was away from the campsite. This mistake on his part created a domino effect since I had also parked a camper in 5, which is in front of 4. Wonder how crazy they thought I was when I made them back in and they could have easily pulled through, since 4 was in 2. This rendered 4 unusable and I lost $70 because I could not park a 5th wheel in that site and had to turn them away. This was irritating to someone already irritated with the world at large.

So, I decided to do a little sign painting, while stuck there at the desk. Something to calm myself and listen to an audio book. I was happily painting away and checking in campers. I had just stood up to stretch my back when I saw a small red car come flying into my campground. The car did not stop or even slow down at the stop signs. Looked to be going about 30mph and headed down my private drive.

Of course I went out the door to investigate. By the time I got out the door and took the ten steps to the left, I see the red car hurtling through my grassy field, still speeding. It had been raining and she was leaving tracks and just missed a pvc water pipe as she made her way back to the road. She turned left (away from me), then suddenly threw the car in reverse and back into the grass at high speed to turn around. When she got to the end of the road (going the wrong way on a one-way road), I was standing in the middle of it.

The woman was young and had a child in the front seat who looked to be too young to be in the front seat (especially with an idiot at the wheel). She was grinning like a fool and looked at me and shrugged her shoulders. I walked to the drivers side and motioned for her to put her window down. She did and I asked her if she needed assistance. She looked at me like I may have lost my mind and said, "Uh, Noooooo."

"What are you doing here?" I ask, still keeping a tiny hold on my patience. "I am lost, I am not familiar with this area." she said impatiently. I probably would have lost it, pill screw up or not. She was speaking to me with no respect whatsoever like a teenager, and her child seemed to find it amusing, as he was laughing and she would look at him after she spoke and they both would laugh.

"So, does being lost render you unable to read?" No answer. "You just blew through my stop signs, speeding in my park, then going down a road clearly marked private before deciding to plow through my grass …. twice. What is wrong with you?" Again with the snort before she replied that she wasn't aware that it was MY grass. Then saying "F#&K YOU!" and spinning her tires as she sped out and headed for the state park down the road. 

The only thing in my hand was my phone and I wasn't going to throw it at her. A hammer, a shovel, a rock …… I would have. Of course HeWho tries to calm me down was not there and just about that time all the reservations start coming in. I was so mad I could have chewed nails and spit them at her. And we wonder why the children are so disrespectful. 

I did get some signs painted in spite of my, um, attitude. This one is my best seller.

Halloween is coming, I sold the broom stick sign.

I am partial to this one …..

Not too happy with my cat, it looks a little scary. Scary is good, I guess.


Kathy G said...

Did you make ALL of those signs?!? I'm impressed.

Val said...

The "Witch Spells" is my favorite, too. Your cat looks fine. Because I can tell it's a cat. I'm shocked that the entitled gal stopped without running over you! I think you should invest in those throw-down spike thingies. If you throw them in the grass, she wouldn't really have grounds to complain when her tires get shredded.

RunNRose said...

I like the idea of the spikes. Of course, you couldn't leave them there without a caution for people who might be afoot.
Think it funny that you said "in my last episode....". Just like on TV! A whole lot better than most stuff on TV nowadays, too.
I think your signs are fantastic. Nice that you are able to use that talent while running the campground. I am wondering. My friends North of you have closed their campground until May, More drastic weather. Do you close over the winter?

cocoya said...

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RunNRose said...

In my opinion, Kathy's blog is as good as any out there, without any outside help.
This reminds me of some of those phone calls she gets.........

Linda O'Connell said...

First off, your signs are wonderful. Maybe you should print up cards that say Quityerbitchn and hand them to people who complain about every thing.

You know why you rendered the bitch in the red car speechless? She was trying to figure out what the word RENDER meant.

You sure deal with a lot of kooks.