Thursday, July 19, 2018

He Can't See

Having recently been stabbed in the self esteem, I have spent the last month licking my wounds and re-evaluating my life. I am better now thanks to a caring message from a reader and a new drug regime.

The lead is back in my pencil and now I don't know where to start. Seems like so many things have happened lately that make me sad. A very dear friend died suddenly. He will be sorely missed by so many. Another dear friend just lost her dad, only months after her mom passed. Like me, she is now an orphan. I just learned that someone very close to me has been diagnosed with cancer. 

A camper recently posted a very bad review of my campground. It really had little to do with my facility and a lot to do with my mouth. In my own defense, she did solicit my opinion about our current president. I should have just stopped with "I am not a fan." But she seemed to want to argue his virtues and I argued right back. What seems to be ironic is that the people who defend him overlook the fact that he broadcasts his opinions in the most vulgar of terms. Whatever. She said that my park looks like section 8 housing. It doesn't and I know it, along with a whole lot of other people who choose to camp here. Whatever.

The days have been hot and humid, making me happy to see that rain had fallen through the night and my rain barrels filled with water that can now be routed through soaker hoses in the gardens. I mowed yesterday evening until I could no longer see, hoping to get a head start on today's chores. This morning it was cloudy and cool. I managed to finish my mowing and get back to cleaning out garden beds until the skies opened and rain fell.

I love the smell of rain hitting the earth.  I gathered up all my ripe tomatoes and made tomato sauce. I even ventured out in the  rain to harvest some fresh basil and rosemary. It is simmering as I write and smells heavenly …… well, if you like the aroma of tomatoes and garlic and spices. The sun is back with a vengeance. 

I  was hoping for a quiet afternoon with no swimmers. I have no swimmers, but an early arrival to camp. A big rig, at least 40 feet. The wife finally came in to register after sitting in the camper for a good 10 minutes. I saw no tow vehicle and they had pulled really close to the building. The rain stopped long before they came and I just figured they did not want to walk far.

I presented her with a registration form and she looked at it like it was an alien creature, informing me that she had pre-registered. I explained that she had RESERVED a site and that we were registering now. She started to the door saying she would tell him to go on and park, asking if they were still going to site 3. I suggested that she take a map to him and that I would hi-lite the route to site 6. Site 3 would be a 30 amp back-in. They had requested a pull-thru and needed 50 amp. 

Then she said, "Oh, he can wait, he needs to follow me anyway, he can't see too well." Just what every park host wants to hear ….. that the driver can't see and is behind the wheel of a giant motorhome. She was driving her car.

I have always wondered about people traveling in separate vehicles on long trips. Wouldn't that take the fun out of traveling together? Her car was small and would have been an easy tow for the big diesel pusher. But, there is that problem with not seeing well …...


Joanne Noragon said...

Actually, that's a scary story. Glad you are back to the fray, however. One more biggie, and there's a little wind down.

Val said...

Maybe that's why campers don't obey your signs...THEY CAN'T SEE!

ellen abbott said...

Typical Trump supporter. if you are against him they set out to ruin you. pretty much Trump's behavior as well. this has been a terribly hot summer and probably now the norm. so the blind driver wouldn't have to follow her to site 3?

RunNRose said...

So glad to see you back. Have been checking every day. I am with you 100% in the Cheeto discussion. I have encountered more than one person who said they now have a way to sort out friends from "others". Yes.

It does seem like lots of grief stacked up on you all at once. So sorry about that. I hope knowing that you have friends and support here helps you cope with the load. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness you are back! I too have been checking every day and hoping you are OK, and you are!!! Your blog is honest and perceptive and funny, please keep going.

Marie in Perth Western Australia

JA said...

I am a fan of President Trump but putting that aside, I read blogs to get away from politics and the dissension. When it appears in an innocuous blog that up to now I have enjoyed reading sadly I must go. Good luck with your park and your life. Good bye.