Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Doxie Socks

My day did not improve yesterday. I took a long hot shower, determined to rescue my good mood. I failed miserably. My shoulder prevents me from accomplishing much. I could only watch as the fence went back up and I was able to release the hounds. Should have made my day.

I decided to escape to my sewing lair. It always makes me feel better to make something. I have come up with sock dogs. You know, like sock monkeys. I was looking at a pair of socks and I could see the dog. The heel would be the head and the toe the mouth. The other heel would make a nice little doggie butt and the legs and tail and ears. I figured I had nothing to lose ........ but a pair of socks.

The first one looked a bit bizarre. The snout was too long. The ears were perfect out of the other sock. I cut them off, leaving enough room to stitch up the bottom end of the dog. Short and stocky little legs and a straight tail. I bet you can guess which of my dogs this was fashioned after. But, the snout, it was disproportionate to the body. I played with it and finally came up with a length I liked. I am calling them Doxie Socks. Already sold 4.

I tend to hunt through boxes and bins of fabric when I am inspired. I don't always put the stuff I drag out away before I make something to see if it will work. My sewing room has met with a lot of inspiration lately. I rarely work on one garment at a time, preferring to sew piece after piece in a row and only cut them apart when I am done. So, this means I will take a day and cut several projects using the same color thread and then sew them all the next day. Trimming threads and seams and letting the debris fall to the floor to clean "later".

Every month or so, I clean it all up and put all my scraps away and label the containers carefully, telling myself I will never pull all the crates out at once again. My sewing room was in just such a state yesterday. I went in with one project in mind. Already cut and waiting to sew. I started pinning and settled in to seam everything up, when I realized I was missing two pieces. I could not find them to save my life.

Nothing to do but start the big clean-up, knowing I would then find the pieces. I was about 90 minutes into the clean up and making great progress (still not finding the pieces) when an entire shelf fell.

I do not know why, but I have a shoe box size container of sand dollars and shells from the beach. Why have I saved these? No clue. But, they were among the bins that crashed onto my sewing table and the floor. A bin of tiny scraps of ribbons and trims burst open, too. I throw away NOTHING. I do label and sort all my junk, though and from time to time am very happy I have saved these things. I no longer have the sand dollar, shell collection.

Tempted, though I was to just call it a day and run hide, I didn't. I found the missing pieces and finished the slippers I started. My shoulder is still not very useful and it is nice out, but cool. I built a small fire in the stove to take the chill off the room. He Who Tows came through on his way to pick up a car to grab  a sandwich. He cannot seem to help himself ......... he fed my fire. Instead of a slow burning little fire bring the room temperature up to 68, I was left with an inferno and an 80 degree room! Why? He is not even here. Why did he touch it?


Kathy G said...

No sock dog picture?!?

Val said...

I, too, long for a dog sock photo. When your internet cooperates, of course.

ellen abbott said...

Like most new mothers, if they are cold the child is bundled up. He probably thought he was taking care of you, however mis-guided.

joanne said...

Why?? easy peasy, because he can, because he loves you and cares about your comfort and...nevermind, it's because he's a man. hehe, I want to see the dogs too.

Linda O'Connell said...

I hear you! Why do they have to mess with us? You poor woman, you have been through a lot. Hope your shoulder is better. Mine locked up when I stoppred using it and I had to go to therapy and screamw hen they broke the scar tissue loose week by week. Getting old is no fun. But we old gald sure know how to improvise. Love your own fence construction :) Want to see the socks.

Pat said...

Maybe you should put a package of frozen peas on your shoulder. That should help!

I, too, want to see pictures of your "doxie socks"!

Anonymous said...

Why? Because men like to play with fire. And being a guy I still want to see the socks.