Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hot Days, Sleepless Nights

The promised heat and humidity of the day is already upon us. Making me restless and annoyed, knowing I will have to spend most of the day indoors.

Sleep, I wish I could sleep. When I finally fell asleep last night, Toni Louise started barking frantically. She was at the back door and sounded like she had cornered an intruder. I lay very still, hoping He Who should be the one to investigate would get up. But, no, Cujo and Wall-E joined her in a symphony called "Kill the Intruder". Even after I suggested that he should be the one to go out, he lay there, pretending not to hear me.

I shuffled to the back door to find that Toni Louise had "cornered" the work shirts of He Who tows. He hangs them on a hook by the back door until they go to the uniform company to be cleaned and returned. They have safety stripes that glow when hit by any light. The dusk to dawn light was hitting them just right through the window in the door. Toni Louise was just alerting her family about a strange glowing presence in the back of the house where her water dish and food bowl are located.

When jolted awake like this I find it hard to simply go back to sleep. I should really try to develop this talent ........

Just 24 more hours and the heat should break, so they say. Those people on TV who forecast weather. I have so very much to do outside. The billboard skin is here and waiting to cover the new board. Not that I will be helping. It involves either getting into a lift and being hoisted in the air ..... or ascending a ladder precariously balanced in the back of He Who's pick-up truck.

Then there is one of my newly painted signs that was mounted beneath a road sign that had been in place for years. On a post cemented into the ground with a huge boulder in front of it to protect it from those who do not know how to stay on the gravel road. The sign I posted was big, 4 feet by 4 feet. A gentle reminder to slow down and watch for children. Okay, maybe it was more "in your face" than gentle; but necessary. A camper plowed my sign down. How, you ask? Backing up, he said. Don't know why, since the site he was assigned was a pull-thru. Broke the post off at the ground and popped my sign in half. Lest you think we were reimbursed for the damages ...........

It seems to have taken the entire to write this. Phone reservations and a trip to refill prescriptions. Tough Mudder competition this weekend will be bringing lots of people into our small town. Tent campers galore will descend upon us, along with those in accommodations on wheels. So, I will take my aching joints and muscles to bed.


joanne said...

I hope you finally got some rest. I've had a few nights like that and I am not a fun person to be within ten miles of believe me. If I don't get back here have a good weekend...the season is winding down.

Linda O'Connell said...

I am exactly the same way. Once my eyes open my brain wakes up. I do not understand how anyone can lie back down after being awakened, and then go right back to sleep. I try to catch a nap if I wake at 3 or 4. I hope you can catch afew winks.

Campers who don't pay for damages or offer to repair? Where are you located? We were at Cuivre River Labor Day and I thought about you. I would have stopped by. It was 103 degrees out there. Misery!

mamahasspoken said...

On the bright side, lots of business is better than no business ;o)
My dogs bark at EVERYTHING. I now have gates up blocking them from the living room and dining room because they have the windows that they love to look out and bark at the most.

Pat said...

I, too, have problems falling back to sleep. Last night I looked at the clock at 4, 5, 6, and 7. Sometimes I'm up from the time my husband gets up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (and then he crawls back into bed and falls instantly to sleep) until he gets up AGAIN to use the bathroom in the night! Sigh. Getting old is not for sissies I tell ya!