Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hair and Fabric

I am serious, Gramma, we have to do hair!!

I thought she meant her hair. Maya was at school, she had no part of this. Jada and Zara sat me down and had their way with my hair. Jada proclaimed this a garden do, what with all the flowers in my hair. You can't see the crown of my head ............ that's where all the ethnic hair product is. The oil. Jada likes shiny.

I did draw the line at walking outside to the bus stop in my new do. I do have some pride, you know.

They were so proud. This was taken before the whole buckets of hair doo-dads spilled every where.

Fat cat. They call her the bad kitty. She bites. Not me, she likes me okay. She has been sleeping with me.

Diane (my daughter-in-law) and I escaped last night to the fabric store. As you can see, we made a good haul. Gramma will have plenty of sewing to do when she gets home. Even the fat cat was impressed.

Love this store. See all the trims? Row after row to dig in and plunder through .......

After a couple of pictures, I was too busy finding treasures. We stayed until closing time. We didn't even get to the buttons ................ This was more fun than Disney World to me!


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

oohhh... i love buttons. scrapbook pages, cards, etc.

Rae said...

I love those sweet smiles. Your grands are adorable. Love your new doo too. Very creative style. You might even start a new trend. Be brave - wear it to the bus stop:)

Kathy G said...

How wonderful to be the Grandma!

Jo said...

What absolutely gorgeous little kids...!!! Omigosh!

Brian Miller said...

ha someone has been having lots of fun...i dont see why you would not go out to the bus in you new hair...smiles.

ellen abbott said...

I'd have been right there with you. I love to look at fabric and doo dads.

And I don't know what you mean. I think you are very stylin' in your new 'do.

Anonymous said...

What sweeties your grands are. Looks like you all had fun.

The cat is pretty and funny that cats have to check out anything new coming into the house!

Have fun.

Pat said...

I bet you were like a kid in a candy store at the fabric store! I can't wait to see all the stuff you make from the goodies you bought! You are so talented!

Love what the kids did to your hair!

Whitney Lee said...

That looks like fun. I commend you on your willingness to allow them to play salon with you (with product, no less). Not every grandmother would. I must say, it's very colorful!

Lorenza said...

Interesting "hair-do"!
Sure they enjoyed it!
Aaand that store! Would be my grandma's dream to be there!
Kisses and hugs

SkippyMom said...

Your hairstyle is da' bomb. That is awesome. Seriously. I wish someone would do my hair.

The cat laying on the table squees me out tho'. ick.

Then again you did have a huge dog on a coffee table a few weeks ago that cracked me up.

Your grandkids are gorgeous! and talented. :)

Marla said...

Those girls are gorgeous and your hair.....well to die for.